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WE come to your home to train your dog
Call-- +18602091986

Most trusted and highly recommended, in-home dog training in CT & MA.


We use Positive reinforcement to train our furry friends.


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Dog Training
Dog Training

1) Behavior Training

* Stop leash pulling.

* Stop aggression towards other dogs during a walk.

* Impulsiveness

2) House Manners

* How to interact with a   guest. 

* Dining table manners.

* Stop begging

* Stop chewing furniture and clothes etc.

3) Outdoor Training

* How to walk

* How to cross traffic signal.

* How to behave outdoor.

* Stop chasing moving object like squirrels, cats, and dogs, people etc.

4) Behavior modification

* We help your dog to change its aggressive nature.

* Stop Jumping

* Unnecessary barking

* Stop biting

5) Obedience Training

* No, Sit, Come, Down, Stay, Heal, Leave it.

6) Make your own Package

*Choose any five lessons according to your requirements.

7) Service Dog Training

Day Care

1) Free pick-up and drop services

We provide free pick-up and drop services to our daycare friends.

2) Stress-free stay

We take only two different families dogs at a time to make their stay comfortable.


No barking, no risk of getting bad habits from other dogs.

3) Homely atmosphere

No leash, no crate, no restrictions, your friends are allowed to move around.

4) Play hours.

We take your friends out to walk and play during their stay.

5) Upto 10% off on

Obedience training for our daycare friends.

Pet Corners

1) We make and maintain pet corners/rooms for:


*Government Sectors.

*IT Companies.

*Hotels and Restaurants and Coffee Shops etc.

*No more expense for daycare & hostel

* Bring your furry Friends to your office and enjoy our services being with your Friends all the time while working.

* Employees do not have to rush home for a hug and to give water to their friend in the break.

* When employee know that their pets are around them and being taken care of, they feel stress-free. A stress-free environment increases productivity by 70%.

* No rush to leave the office before time because you have to take your pet from daycare.

*Having a pet corner in your workplace Increases work hours.

*Your pet is always in your supervision with us.

*Medical assistance in emergency

*Save your Daycare expenses

*Enjoy an easy, stress-free life with your pet at work

*No more worries.

*Your pet our care.

Free one-week trial*​


We provide grooming services at your doorstep.

​*On site Grooming assessment.

*Clean eyes/ears.

*D-shedding solution

*Nail Clipping



*Drying and Massage

*Puppy Cuts

*Flea and tick shampoos

*Teeth brushing

*Hand blow dry body


*We look forward to meeting and developing a great relationship with you and your pet.

Puppy Training

Just like every human being, every puppy is different too, what training strategy works for one might not work for another. Puppies of the different breeds possess different temperament, agility, needs, tendencies, ability, and intelligence.  They are as individual as you and me. Simple potty and leash training can be a challenge. The playful biting and jumping they use to do with their siblings are now no longer acceptable. They do not know what area of your lawn you want them to go for their business. Your puppy has no idea what they are allowed to chew and what not. They cannot understand what you want and do not want them to do.  Therefore,   it becomes your responsibility to show them what it takes to please or annoy you. The more information you seek out, the more contradictive it becomes. With puppies, you need to consider their cognitive ability and understanding. Through my years of experience of training puppies, I can show you a simple way of doing it. Our approach is to train you on how to communicate with your furry friends.

Behavior Training

What creates behavior? Genetics, environment, exposure, or lack of exposure, and means of education. You're in control of 3 of the 4 factors that create the behavior of your dog. Dogs come into our lives for a variety of reasons, they don't come with instructions, they look up to us and ask “what do you want me to do”? So it then becomes our responsibility to show them exactly what it takes to please or displease us. Sometimes with the corrections we use, the dog only sees itself being punished instead of its actions of misbehaving being corrected. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CATCH YOUR DOG IN THE ACT OF MISBEHAVING!! We know how to tell the dog what not to do, we don't know how to tell it what to do. The majority of training is just reacting to their misbehaving. They set the precedence. At Home Dog Training is the only proactive training, teaching you how to create the problem and then correct it in a way that they don't see themselves being punished but their actions of misbehaving being corrected.

Obedience Training

Everyone is told that you need to obedience train your dog. But heel, sit, stay and come has nothing to do with behavior problems... obedience is taught by most trainers as a means unto itself. I teach obedience as a means unto an end. An EARNED RESPECT FACTOR. Then we take that respect and solve 11 common problems applicable to most dog. Obedience training outside of the home has little, if nothing, to do with behavior problems within the home.

positive reinforcement

Other dog trainers feel it necessary to use choke chains, shock collars, clickers and treats to make the dog behave, yielding all the respect factors to the appliance other than you. These methods in the profession are referred to as “negative reinforcement” by reinforcing the negative. Whereas, “true humane positive reinforcement” focuses on you reinforcing the positive. Patience, confidence, compassion, consistency, and understanding of the dogs body (non-verbal communications) creates the most humane method for training.

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