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I am a professional, certified, and experienced dog trainer.  I have grown up with dogs all around me all the time as I am the third generation of dog listeners. We have been working with dogs for the last three generations.  Analyzing a dog's psychology to know the specific behavior pattern is not only my work but, my hobby too. I have trained almost every breed and my years of experience has made me familiar with the temperament of every breed.

I have learned from my years of experience that It needs love, dedication, energy, passion and hope invested in the training of each dog to prepare it to live in harmony with you. In a nutshell, I provide training to help you to communicate with your dog in its language. I help you and your dog to understand each other better. I work to develop love, trust, and understanding that will ultimately make you and your dog's life easier. I have a strong understanding of using positive reinforcement and behavior modification techniques to reduce bad pet behaviors while increasing good ones to establish harmony between you and your furry friend. I am highly knowledgeable about how to train a dog of any kind, breed, and temperament, and I have several years of experience working as a dog trainer.

"My clients do not pay me for my time they pay me for my knowledge and experience." Nikhil Sharma
What We Are:

• K9 National Services Dog Training is endorsed, referred, accepted, and trusted by local veterinarians.
• In-Home Dog Training is the most recommended dog training program by previous clients, their family members, and friends.
• I make sure that this is not just a temporary obedience program, but a lasting change in a dog's behavior. 
• I use an approach to educate our clients that it is our responsibility to communicate to our furry companions accurately what it takes to please or displease us. 
• My experience, knowledge, patience, a natural affinity with dogs, enthusiasm to work with even challenging pets and commitment to his words makes K9 National Services training approach highly appreciated by our clients.  
• I know each dog is different and it takes a different approach and time to train an individual dog. 
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